Incredible USMC P42 Camo Set

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Item #74 - For Sale: USMC P1942 frog camo utility jacket and trousers. This is the earliest style frogskin uniform that saw widespread use by Marines during WWII. This is a great matching set with strong colors in a perfect mannequin size. This exact tunic is published in Harlann Glenn's book 'United States Marine Corps Uniforms, Insignia, and Personal Items of World War II' on page 100. Additionally, when I bought this set, a note was included stating that it was used for one of the mannequins on the cover of his books. The condition of the set is near excellent. It is lightly worn with a few spots of soiling/staining from use and there is one small mystery black stain on the trousers near the top of the waste. The only notable damage is one of the trouser belt loops on the beach side has come undone at the bottom. After the war, Paramount Studios acquired a lot of genuine USMC gear and uniforms for films, which eventually fell into collector hands. On the trousers, you can see a faint Paramount Studios costume department stamp near the waist on the beach side, as these trousers may have been used by the studio. These studio stamps are discussed in more detail in Alek Tulkoff's book 'Grunt Gear' on page 57. Outstanding opportunity to purchase a matching P42 set in excellent condition and published! $2400

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